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Bonjour fashion lovers!

Among the most desired handbags ever is the Gucci Jackie! an iconic shoulder bag with a rounded half-moon shape and a lobster clasp closure. It originated in 1961 and was called G1244; it was only in the 1970s that it became "Jackie."

Why? The answer is simple: the most elegant woman in the United States, who became Mrs. Onassis, fell madly in love with it! She carried the bag with her on every trip and every moment of the day, from the streets of Manhattan to those of Capri. For her, it was perfect with any outfit.

The Gucci fashion house has revisited it in recent years, fitting it perfectly into Alessandro Michele's vision of barrier-free, gender-neutral fashion. Harry style is perfect with her Jackie bag.

Now, the fashion house, orphaned of its most revolutionary designer, chooses actress Dakota Johnson (who has always been loyal to Gucci) as the symbol of the new Jackie bag advertising campaign.
Impossible and useless to make comparisons.

The only thing certain? The bag is and will always remain one of the most iconic and stylish bags ever!

Gucci JAckie Bag The Fashion Lover Emanuela Formoso

Gucci Jackie Bag The Fashion Lover Emanuela Formoso 2

Gucci Jackie Bag The Fashion Lover Emanuela Formoso 3

Dakota Gucci Jackie Bag The Fashion Lover Emanuela Formoso


Gucci Jackie Bag Dakota The Fashion Lover Emanuela Formoso

Dakota Gucci Jackie 1961 The Fashion Lover Emanuela Formoso



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Gucci Jackie Bag Brown

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Today is January 1st 2022.

I woke up very early and took my dose of medicine (I have a strong cough (luckily no COVID19)) and I was thinking about how to say goodbye to 2021 (it was not a good year) in style and I thought I'd write an article on a new topic: the best dresses of 2021!

Am I a genius? Did I surprise you? Ehhh, nobody wrote about it. It doesn't matter if it's a trivial topic, I like it and share it with you.

Here are the dresses we loved in 2021.
Choose your favorite.

Jennifer Lopez in Dolce & Gabbana 


Jennifer Lopez.in Dolce  Gabbana The Fashion Lover Emanuela Formoso 682x1024

Amanda Seyfried in Armani Privè 

Amanda Seyfried In Armani Privè The Fashion Lover Emanuela Formoso

Kaia Gerber in Oscar de la Renta

Kaiia Gerber In Oscar De La Renta The Fashion Lover Emanuela Formoso

Kaia Gerber In Osacr De La Renta THe Fashion Lover Emanuela Formoso 2

Lady Gaga in Armani Privè

Lady Gaga In Armani The Fashion Lover Emanuela Formoso

HRH Kate MIddleton in Jenny Packham

Kate Middleton In Jenny Packham The Fashion Lover Emanuela Formoso

Kate Middleton In Jenny Packham The Fashion Lover Emanuela Formoso 2

Elle Fanning in Gucci



Sharon Stone in Dolce & Gabbana

Sharon Stone In Dolce  Gabbana The Fashion Lover Emanuela Formoso

Anya Taylor Joy in Dior

Anya Taylor Joy In Dior The Fashion Lover Emanuela Formoso

Zendaya in Valentino and Rick Owen 

Zendaya In Valentino The Fashion. Lover Emanuela Formoso

Zendaya In RIck Owens The Fashion Lover Emanuela Formoso

Angelina Jolie in Balmain

Angelina Jolie Balmain The Fashion Lover Emanuela Formoso 1

The Fashion Lover Emanuela Formoso The Best Dresses Of 2021

Beatrice Borromeo in Dior

Beatrice Borromeo In Dior The Fashion Lover Emanuela Formoso

Beatrice Borromeo In Dior The Fashion Lover Emanuela Formoso 2

Sarah Jessica Parker in Oscar de la Renta 

Sarah Jessica Parker In Oscar De La Renta THe Fashion Lover Emanuela Formoso

Jennifer Lawrence in Dior

Jennifer Lawrence Dior The Fashion Lover Emanuela Formoso

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The rumors were true. @gucci and @balenciaga came together on the runway to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Gucci!

In the year of Gucci’s centenary, Alessandro Michele opens the locks of history.

With Gvasalia’s permission, Michele used some of the Balenciaga designer’s iconic shapes and symbols, including the padded hip jacket of fall 2016 and spring 2017’s spandex peplum top and leggings.

 “I like to mix, mold and work different languages and after [the film series directed with] Gus [Van Sant to present the previous collection last November] I felt like celebrating 100 years of Gucci, which is not only fashion, it’s the essence of fashion, it’s life and its great strength is being so popular. Gucci is a film, a song, a world, a character from a movie, a pop star,” Michele said.

In the new collection, called #GucciAria, we have crystal-covered hearts and a riding helmet with the words “SAVOY club”—a tribute to The Savoy London hotel where founder Guccio Gucci worked as a liftboy in his youth, the pieces from Hortus Deliciarum (Gucci’s High Jewelry collection).

Look at the details of #GucciAria collection!


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Here is another outfit that takes your breath away and takes us back to old Hollywood, where women were always incredibly flawless and sophisticated.

Elle Fanning chose a Gucci dress for the Golden Globes night, she is in London for professional reasons and her team has helped to make her so glamorous.

I love everything about this outfit, but above all the chignon which, for me, has always been synonymous with impalpable elegance.
Am i right?


Elle FAnning In Gucci 2

Elle FAnning In Gucci 3

Elle Fanning In Gucci 4

Elle Fanning In Gucci 5

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Ciao! Bonjour!
I publicly declare my boundless passion for Harry Styles, his voice, his music and his style!
It's true, I know, I had already done it when I talked about Watermalon Sugar last summer, but today I say it with more force and vigor!
I am continuously watching his new video music: GOLDEN.

Styles runs down the Amalfi Coast, interrrupted with shots of him driving in an Alfa Romeo Duetto (I'm Alfa addicted for ever and ever!), dancing on rocks, and serenading a woman in her car.
Yes, yes! You read that right: Harry Styles was on our Amalfi Coast last summer when it was possible to travel. He wanted to learn "la lingua italiana". 

In this video you can perceive the Italian joy of living, our Dolce Vita, the unique Italian beauty (what a wonderful view).
Through all of this, Harry Styles — with help from his stylist Harry Lambert (i love his mood) — wears a number of chic ensembles.

First of all I love Styles wearing a billowing off-white blouse and floral hat from Steven Stokey Daley's Fall / Winter 2020 collection over a pair of Bode shorts!
I love that blouse! I'm thinking of buying it for my husband! Si!

My second favorite outfit is the blue Gucci jacket over a striped shirt and checked trousers, both from Gucci's Resort 2021 collection. The outfit is accessorized with a pair of white Gucci crochet gloves and his custom Eliou necklace.

Every detail is gorgeous, just like my ITALY to which I say #TIAMO!
Remember this hashtag, because you will hear and read it very, very often. Mah sssshhhhh! I can't tell you more!

In the meantime, enjoy!

Ps: Harry Lambert, you and your staff are superb!


Wishing You A Fab And Styish Day




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In un post su Instagram, il personal stylist Nick Cerioni ci spiega come sia nato il fenomeno Achille Lauro durante il Festival di Sanremo. Lo studio, le collaborazioni, le pazze idee, le notti insonni, la presentazione del progetto alla Maison Gucci e la sorpresa per il successo pazzesco ricevuto non solo dagli addetti ai lavori-

Grazie per averci fatto sognare, rompendo schemi e andando oltre le nostre comfort zone!


In a post on Instagram, the personal stylist Nick Cerioni explains how the Achille Lauro phenomenon was born during the Sanremo Festival. The study, the collaborations, the crazy ideas, the sleepless nights, the presentation of the project at the Maison Gucci and the surprise for the crazy success received not only by the insiders.

Thanks for making us dream, breaking patterns and going beyond our comfort zones!


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Si è conclusa la prima serata del Festival di Sanremo. Tutto si è svolto come da copione! canzoni belle e brutte, abiti stilosi e non. E sarà così per i prossimi giorni! Ma, in fatto di stile, chi ha vinto?
Un solo nome: Achille Lauro con la sua mantella nera, con dettagli dorati e poi la tuta! Un total look Gucci, by Michele Alessandro.
I social hanno fatto boom ieri sera, anche sulla pagina instagram di TFL, in pochissimo tempo, i commenti ed i like sono stati tanti.
I giornalisti, gli esperti di moda e di costume ne parlano e sparlano.
Nicolo (Nick) Cerioni, stylist del cantante, ha letteralmente spaccato con la sua idea/ispirazione del quadro di Giotto, dove troviamo un San Francesco che si è spoglia dei propri abiti e di ogni bene materiale per votare la sua vita alla religione e alla solidarietà.
L' accostamento è audace e forte, per taluni offensivo, ma questo è riuscire a comunicare, a creare un "qualcosa" .
Mentre i più perdono tempo criticare e a gridate allo scandalo, Achille Lauro vola in alto, molto in alto.
Può piacere o meno, ma è una grande, immensa intuizione. E' un grande ed immenso BOOOM!
Bravo Nick Cerioni!


The first evening of the Sanremo Festival has ended. Everything went as planned! Beautiful and ugly songs, stylish and non-stylish clothes. And it will be like this for the next few days! But, in terms of style, who won?
Only one name: Achille Lauro with his black cape, with golden details and then the suit! A Gucci total look, by Michele Alessandro.
Social media boomed last night, even on TFL's instagram page, in no time, comments and likes were many.
Journalists, fashion and costume experts talk about it and talk about it.
Nicolo (Nick) Cerioni, stylist of the singer, has literally split with his idea / inspiration of Giotto's painting, where we find a Saint Francis who stripped himself of his clothes and every material good to vote his life on religion and solidarity.
The combination is bold and strong, for some offensive, but this is being able to communicate, to create a "something".
While there are people who waste time criticizing and shouting at the scandal, Achille Lauro flies high, very high.
You may like him or not, but it is a great, immense intuition. It's a big and huge BOOOM!
Bravo Nick Cerioni!



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Alessandra Mastronardi, for the second time, wore a Gucci dress on the red carpet of Venice Film Festival. After the mustard-colored dress with black details by Gucci, (someone did not love the presence of the bat-shaped insert on it), last night the godmother wore a delicate pink dress with a heart-shaped neckline and sparkling silver details. A fresh look, like her.

Sincerely, we prefer the first Gucci! You?


Alessandra Mastronardi, per la seconda volta, decide di indossare un'abito Gucci. Dopo l'abito color senape con dettagli neri che aveva fatto storcere il naso a qualcuno per la presenza dell'inserto a forma di pipistrello, ieri sera la madrina ha indossato un abito rosa plissettato con scollatura a cuora ed dettagli scintillanti argentati, Un look fresco e leggero, come la nostra madrina.

SInceramente noi preferiamo il primo Gucci! Voi?


Alessandra Mastronardi Maxw 697 1


Wishing You A Fab And Styish Day


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During the second evening of the Venice Film Festival,  on the red carpet, Alessandra Mastronardi wore a long satin ocher dress with a deep V-neck with black appliqués and embroidery by Gucci.  She completed the look with high black leather sandals and jewelry. The first night she conquered everyone wearing a Armani Privè gown  but on this occasion some fans contested the bat-shaped application, comparing her to Dracula's wife. But we have remember that wearing a Gucci dress by Alessandro Michele is not for everyone. 


Durante la seconda serata del Festival del cinema di Venezia, sul tappeto rosso, Alessandra Mastronardi ha indossato un lungo abito color ocra in raso con profondo scollo a V e con applicazioni nere e ricami di Gucci. Ha completato il look con sandali e gioielli in pelle nera alta. La prima notte ha conquistato tutti indossando un abito Armani Privè, ma in questa occasione alcuni fan hanno contestato l'applicazione a forma di pipistrello, confrontandola con la moglie di Dracula. Ricordiamo che indossare un abito Gucci di Alessandro Michele non è per tutti.


Wishing You A Fab And Styish Day

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"The only world that I can imagine is a world where every single person can be who they would like to be, without any sort of restriction or judgement.", said Alessandro Michele to WWD. Gucci's cruise 2020 collection is a big expression of these words, is all about women's reproductive rights. In fact, Michele created several pieces that spoke out against those trying to restrict women's reproductive rights. First, there was a blue jacket with a feminist slogan from the '70s that read "My Body My Choice," then a white long-sleeve dress with a bright red uterus embroidered on it. Michele also paid homage to our abortion law with outfits that read "May 22, 1978" —the date abortion was legalized in Italy.

Thanks Alessandro Michele. Thanks


"L'unico mondo che posso immaginare è un mondo in cui ogni singola persona può essere chi vorrebbe essere, senza alcun tipo di restrizione o giudizio.", ha dichiarato Alessandro Michele a WWD. La collezione Cruise 2020 di Gucci è espressione di queste parole e riguarda i diritti riproduttivi delle donne. Michele ha creato diversi pezzi che si esprimono contro coloro che cercano di limitare i diritti riproduttivi di noi donne. In primo luogo, c'era una giacca blu con lo slogan femminista degli anni '70 che recitava "My Body My Choice", poi un abito bianco a manica lunga con un luminoso utero rosso ricamato su di esso. Non solo, Michele ha anche reso omaggio alla nostra legge sull'aborto con abiti che riportano "22 maggio 1978" - la data in cui l'aborto è stato legalizzato in Italia.
Grazie Alessandro Michele. Grazie.
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