Emily in Paris 3 - (Part 2)

Emily in Paris 3 - (Part 2) Netflix

Bonjour fashion lovers! Happy and stylish new year to us!

Ready to start a new year of fashion, style, elegance, glam and vintage?
I am not ready, but more!

Let's start with the second part dedicated to Emily in Paris - season 3.
The coat is a must-have piece during the cold season and in Paris you absolutely must have it!
Emily knows this well and wears a cream and lilac wool coat from Lamina paired with yellow heeled shoes from GCDS and Celine yellow mini 

Under her coat Emily wears an handmade knit sleeveless jacket and knit skirt with feather trim by Kevin Germanier. 
A perfect trio of colors!

Here's where to buy them!

Enjoy shopping!

Costume designer:  Marylin Fitoussi 


Emily In Paris The Fashion Lover Emanuela Formoso 2

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Wishing You A Fab A Stylish Day Xoxoxo Emanuela 3


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