Emily in Paris 3 - (Part 1)

Emily in Paris 3 - (Part 1) Netflix

Bonjour fashion lovers!

Today I finished watching Emily in Paris season 3 and I was quite bored. But we have to talk about style and trends. I didn't like all the outfits, some of the choices and pairings are excessive, impractical and not very believable. Costume designer Marylin Fitoussi has now taken all the reins of the TV series (Patricia Field co-designed the first season and stayed on as costume consultant in the second)

But let's talk about the first outfit that caught my eye. Emily (as Lily Colins) is wearing a printed and cut-out georgette mini-dress by Magda Butrym (sold out), a custom-made cape by costume designer Marylin Fitoussi, and a green platform by Casadei.

The cape is simply stunning! 

Fitoussi couldn't find a cloak like what she imagined, so she custom-designed a feather-embellished cape and collaborated with Parisian brand Marcy to build it. To perfectly match the pink and red on Emily's midriff-baring Magda Butrym ensemble, artisans custom-dyed all the plumage, which were hand-sewn on.

Unfortunately, at the moment I have no news on where to find this cape, but in the meantime here is where to buy the dress and shoes.

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