Golden Globes 2021 - Elle Fanning in Gucci

Monday, 01 March 2021
Golden Globes 2021 - Elle Fanning in Gucci

Here is another outfit that takes your breath away and takes us back to old Hollywood, where women were always incredibly flawless and sophisticated.

Elle Fanning chose a Gucci dress for the Golden Globes night, she is in London for professional reasons and her team has helped to make her so glamorous.

I love everything about this outfit, but above all the chignon which, for me, has always been synonymous with impalpable elegance.
Am i right?


Elle FAnning In Gucci 2

Elle FAnning In Gucci 3

Elle Fanning In Gucci 4

Elle Fanning In Gucci 5

Wishing You A Fab A Stylish Day Xoxoxo Emanuela 3

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