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Sunday, 07 March 2021 15:32

Sanremo 2021 - Maneskin are the winner!

Maneskin are the winners of the Sanremo 2021, with the song “Zitti e buoni”.

«A rock night», said Amadeus in the total joy of the young guys!

"With Zitti e buoni we sing the nobility of anger.", commented the young band.
The dedication of the victory by the boys came from their social channels: "We dedicate it to that teacher who always told us to be “zitti e buoni” (quiet and good).

They also win in style wearing Etro looks!
Every night an ode to the glam, modern rock.
Last night Damiano, Victoria, Ethan and Thomas wore couture plumage jumpsuits in crystal-adorned and silk-embroidered tulle.

Semplicemente fantastici!!

Stylist: @nickcerioni



Maneskin In Etro

Damiano Maneskin Etro

Victoria Maneskin Etro

Ethan Maneskin Etro

Thomas Maneskin Etro

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Friday, 05 March 2021 16:17

Sanremo 2021 - Vittoria Ceretti

The third evening of the Sanremo festival had on its stage an undisputed protagonist of the fashion world, an Italian super model who represents us with pride: Vittoria Ceretti.

Anyone who loves the world of fashion knows perfectly well who she is, whoever is outside of it should know her, even if only for national pride. But, as we know, there is always a slight form of snobbishness towards those who orbit around fashion. How much ignorance.

But let's not digress, let's go back to Sanremo.

Certainly her presence on stage was less incisive than the other two presenters of the previous evenings (matilda de angelis and Elodie) but she is still of a disarming beauty and elegance.
She wore 3 different made in Italy dresses: a black dress with pink bows by Valentino Haute Couture, a golden dress by Armani Privè and a black shoulder bag by Versace, also Bulgari jewels.

We liked her, but there was no doubt.
Fiorello's joke about her alleged thinness di lei was very unhappy.


Vittoria Ceretti in Valentino Haute Couture & Bulgari jewels


Vittoria Ceretti in Armani Privè & Bulgari jewels


Vittoria Ceretti in Versace & Bulgari jewels


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Here’s the third painting about pop music by Achille Lauro.

The monologue by Monica Guerritore-Penelope, a woman used "like a stick to hit other women", opens this thi

Immediately after, in a scene inspired by ancient Greece, where Achille Lauro is a golden statue between the columns the music starts, with Emma Marrone, Lauro sings 'Penelope'.

Lauro represents "pop: I am present, past, everyone, no one, the universal condemned to an inattentive and superficial reading, I become banal, they reduce me to an idea, but I was much more. Prejudice is a blessing, judgment is condemnation, God bless the misunderstood”

An unique visual show.

Custom looks: Gucci 

Stylist: Nick Cerioni


Achille And Emma



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Thursday, 04 March 2021 11:31

Sanremo 2021 - Elodie is perfect

The second evening of the Sanremo Festival had an absolute protagonist of style and beauty.

Ever since the names of the presenters were revealed, I had no doubts that Elodie would be a presence capable of leaving her mark on the Ariston stage.

Her musical talent is indisputable, from the time of the talent she participated in, but she is also a true style icon.
She also made her own makeup line.

Last night she enchanted everyone wearing Versace dress,  Oscar de la Renta with Jimmi Choo shoes and two by Giambattista Valli with Bulgari jewels  and Jimmi Choo shoes (when the earring fell off I felt physical pain!)

Few women can wear dresses with plunging slits or rich in tulle and always look perfect. Elodie belongs to this narrow category of lucky women.

Congratulations to the stylist Ramona Tabita who always manages to enhance her beauty, without ever making her vulgar.


 Versace dress and shoes & Bulgari jewels

Elodie In Versace

Oscar de la Renta dress & Jimmy Choo shoes & Bulgari jewels

Elodie Versace 2

Giambattista Valli dresses & Bulgari Jewels & Jimmy Choo shoes

IMG 3775


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Was I waiting for them last night with anxiety and curiosity? Who was I waiting for?
Simple: Achille Lauro and Maneskin.

Innovation, provocation, unconventional talent, love for art: this is what I was waiting for.

My wait has not been ignored, quite the contrary!

Achille was the protagonist of the first painting conceived and created by that genius of Nick Cerioni: glam rock!

An artist who tells his story with an open heart between feathers and tears of blood.
The social world, as always, has exploded between his detractors and flatterers.
Guess which side am I?

And then, the Maneskin, the rock boys par excellence of Italian music, arrived in total black and their song is already a bomb.

Behind their style and beauty, once again, we have Nick Cerioni who chooses Etro for them and I wonder: Nick, are you ever wrong?

What a night!

Achille Lauro3

Achille Lauro

Maneskin In Etro

Maneskin 1

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Wednesday, 03 March 2021 12:47

Sanremo 2021 - Matilda de Angelis in Prada

Matilde De Angelis is the character from Sanremo Festival who is being talked about a lot on social media and magazines.

A girl with an indisputable talent who yesterday showed an even more complete artistic side: intelligent, ironic, loose and also gifted with a beautiful voice.

 My favorite dress? Definitely the second: I love the 20s style that it brings to mind.

Your favorite dress?


Matilda In Prada 1

Matilda In Prada

Matilda In Prada 2

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