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Ciao! Bonjour!
I publicly declare my boundless passion for Harry Styles, his voice, his music and his style!
It's true, I know, I had already done it when I talked about Watermalon Sugar last summer, but today I say it with more force and vigor!
I am continuously watching his new video music: GOLDEN.

Styles runs down the Amalfi Coast, interrrupted with shots of him driving in an Alfa Romeo Duetto (I'm Alfa addicted for ever and ever!), dancing on rocks, and serenading a woman in her car.
Yes, yes! You read that right: Harry Styles was on our Amalfi Coast last summer when it was possible to travel. He wanted to learn "la lingua italiana". 

In this video you can perceive the Italian joy of living, our Dolce Vita, the unique Italian beauty (what a wonderful view).
Through all of this, Harry Styles — with help from his stylist Harry Lambert (i love his mood) — wears a number of chic ensembles.

First of all I love Styles wearing a billowing off-white blouse and floral hat from Steven Stokey Daley's Fall / Winter 2020 collection over a pair of Bode shorts!
I love that blouse! I'm thinking of buying it for my husband! Si!

My second favorite outfit is the blue Gucci jacket over a striped shirt and checked trousers, both from Gucci's Resort 2021 collection. The outfit is accessorized with a pair of white Gucci crochet gloves and his custom Eliou necklace.

Every detail is gorgeous, just like my ITALY to which I say #TIAMO!
Remember this hashtag, because you will hear and read it very, very often. Mah sssshhhhh! I can't tell you more!

In the meantime, enjoy!

Ps: Harry Lambert, you and your staff are superb!


Wishing You A Fab And Styish Day




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