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Here’s the third painting about pop music by Achille Lauro.

The monologue by Monica Guerritore-Penelope, a woman used "like a stick to hit other women", opens this thi

Immediately after, in a scene inspired by ancient Greece, where Achille Lauro is a golden statue between the columns the music starts, with Emma Marrone, Lauro sings 'Penelope'.

Lauro represents "pop: I am present, past, everyone, no one, the universal condemned to an inattentive and superficial reading, I become banal, they reduce me to an idea, but I was much more. Prejudice is a blessing, judgment is condemnation, God bless the misunderstood”

An unique visual show.

Custom looks: Gucci 

Stylist: Nick Cerioni


Achille And Emma



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Was I waiting for them last night with anxiety and curiosity? Who was I waiting for?
Simple: Achille Lauro and Maneskin.

Innovation, provocation, unconventional talent, love for art: this is what I was waiting for.

My wait has not been ignored, quite the contrary!

Achille was the protagonist of the first painting conceived and created by that genius of Nick Cerioni: glam rock!

An artist who tells his story with an open heart between feathers and tears of blood.
The social world, as always, has exploded between his detractors and flatterers.
Guess which side am I?

And then, the Maneskin, the rock boys par excellence of Italian music, arrived in total black and their song is already a bomb.

Behind their style and beauty, once again, we have Nick Cerioni who chooses Etro for them and I wonder: Nick, are you ever wrong?

What a night!

Achille Lauro3

Achille Lauro

Maneskin In Etro

Maneskin 1

Wishing You A Fab A Stylish Day Xoxoxo Emanuela 3

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In un post su Instagram, il personal stylist Nick Cerioni ci spiega come sia nato il fenomeno Achille Lauro durante il Festival di Sanremo. Lo studio, le collaborazioni, le pazze idee, le notti insonni, la presentazione del progetto alla Maison Gucci e la sorpresa per il successo pazzesco ricevuto non solo dagli addetti ai lavori-

Grazie per averci fatto sognare, rompendo schemi e andando oltre le nostre comfort zone!


In a post on Instagram, the personal stylist Nick Cerioni explains how the Achille Lauro phenomenon was born during the Sanremo Festival. The study, the collaborations, the crazy ideas, the sleepless nights, the presentation of the project at the Maison Gucci and the surprise for the crazy success received not only by the insiders.

Thanks for making us dream, breaking patterns and going beyond our comfort zones!


Wishing You A Fab And Styish Day

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Wednesday, 05 February 2020 12:31

Festival di Sanremo - Achille Lauro in Gucci

Si è conclusa la prima serata del Festival di Sanremo. Tutto si è svolto come da copione! canzoni belle e brutte, abiti stilosi e non. E sarà così per i prossimi giorni! Ma, in fatto di stile, chi ha vinto?
Un solo nome: Achille Lauro con la sua mantella nera, con dettagli dorati e poi la tuta! Un total look Gucci, by Michele Alessandro.
I social hanno fatto boom ieri sera, anche sulla pagina instagram di TFL, in pochissimo tempo, i commenti ed i like sono stati tanti.
I giornalisti, gli esperti di moda e di costume ne parlano e sparlano.
Nicolo (Nick) Cerioni, stylist del cantante, ha letteralmente spaccato con la sua idea/ispirazione del quadro di Giotto, dove troviamo un San Francesco che si è spoglia dei propri abiti e di ogni bene materiale per votare la sua vita alla religione e alla solidarietà.
L' accostamento è audace e forte, per taluni offensivo, ma questo è riuscire a comunicare, a creare un "qualcosa" .
Mentre i più perdono tempo criticare e a gridate allo scandalo, Achille Lauro vola in alto, molto in alto.
Può piacere o meno, ma è una grande, immensa intuizione. E' un grande ed immenso BOOOM!
Bravo Nick Cerioni!


The first evening of the Sanremo Festival has ended. Everything went as planned! Beautiful and ugly songs, stylish and non-stylish clothes. And it will be like this for the next few days! But, in terms of style, who won?
Only one name: Achille Lauro with his black cape, with golden details and then the suit! A Gucci total look, by Michele Alessandro.
Social media boomed last night, even on TFL's instagram page, in no time, comments and likes were many.
Journalists, fashion and costume experts talk about it and talk about it.
Nicolo (Nick) Cerioni, stylist of the singer, has literally split with his idea / inspiration of Giotto's painting, where we find a Saint Francis who stripped himself of his clothes and every material good to vote his life on religion and solidarity.
The combination is bold and strong, for some offensive, but this is being able to communicate, to create a "something".
While there are people who waste time criticizing and shouting at the scandal, Achille Lauro flies high, very high.
You may like him or not, but it is a great, immense intuition. It's a big and huge BOOOM!
Bravo Nick Cerioni!



Wishing You A Fab And Styish Day

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