Dior Cruise 2021 - Lecce

Thursday, 23 July 2020

Last night I felt a very strong emotion, an immense pride.
The pride of being Pugliese and of having always known and experienced that typical beauty of my land.

Maria Grazia Chiuri gave us an unprecedented show, impossible to describe.
I was curious and impatient to know the essence of her project and I was not disappointed. Rather!

“It’s important for the local people to understand the value of their tradition,” she said. “Probably the most important thing that I understood during these four years at Dior—in Paris they’re so proud about their tradition; fashion is part of their cultural heritage. But we don’t have the same attitude in Italy. Probably it’s because these traditions are made by women at home, so there’s this idea that it’s domestic work. They don’t think it’s creative work. They don’t give it the same value. They don’t celebrate it. With this show I hope to give a different point of view to the local people about that. It’s not only a dialogue with our audience outside, but it’s really a dialogue with the territory.”

Theater, dance, architecture, history, fashion, craftsmanship, style ... all concentrated in 26 minutes.

The models in Dior who pass light and sweet among the pizzica dancers (they were extraordinary), the thrilling voices of the singers of the orchestra of La notte della Taranta, the lights of Luminarie (a project signed by the artist Marinella Senatore) to decorate one of the most beautiful squares in Italy.
There were pinafore dresses, blanket-fringe skirts, and hand-knit sweaters, and models wore kerchiefs in their hair and flat boots on their feet. So cool!

How wonderful Giuliano San Giorgi's homage to the most beautiful Puglia and to one of its great masters: Domenico Modugno. I sang with him!

This fashoin show is a real declaration of love by Maria Grazia Chiuri to her/my land.

Puglia, after this fashion show, will be even more famous, more loved, more desired.
Grazie Dior!


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Wishing You A Fab And Styish Day


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