The hottest products and brands in the world

Wednesday, 27 January 2021
The hottest products and brands in the world The North Face 1996 retro Nuptse jacket

Fashion is made of beauty, without any doubt, but also and above all of numbers, sales, budgets, rankings.

Are you curious to know which is the best-selling bag and why?
Are you curious to know which brand is number one and why?
Are you curious to know which brand has climbed the rankings?

Fashion search engine @lyst have published its fourth quarterly index for 2020. There are confirmations and surprises.

Gucci retains its position as the hottest brand in the world thanks to its social media marketing, to billboards in key cities, to outfitting Harry Styles for his American Vogue cover.

Balenciaga and Valentino continued to invest in digital-first initiatives, growing a lot.

But the brand that has grown the most is Moncler! The launch of a collection with Rick Owens and the news that the firm would acquire Stone Island were its strengths!

The world’s hottest products? In according of the social media mentions, searches, page views, interactions and sales across thousands of online stores. the first product is The North Face’s 1996 retro Nuptse jacket, for women and for men.

In second place we have Birkenstock shearling lined Boston clogs. On the third Bottega Veneta Lug boots

Birkenstock Shearling Lined Boston Clogs



Linked to the success of the Netflix series, Emily in Paris, we have the success of  Marc Jacobs Snapshot bag. Honestly, I loved it before.


Marc Jacobs Snapshot Camera Bag Copia


Finally, we must point out the great success of the Ugg mini boots worn by models including Irina Shayk and Joan Smalls and celebrity like Serena Gomez.


 Ugg Classic Mini Ii Ugg 156517

Wishing You A Fab A Stylish Day Xoxoxo Emanuela 3


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