Emily in Paris 3- (Part 3) - Silvie is chic!

Emily in Paris 3- (Part 3) - Silvie is chic!

Bonjour fashion lovers!

Emily in Paris is an explosion of outifts, trends and brands, but there is in character who shines more than anyone else in impeccable style, charm and innate elegance. 

Who am I talking about? But about French boss Silvie (played by @philippineleroybeaulieu) who shows us how one can be feminine, chic and beautiful even without resorting to extreme artifices!

In the first season of Emily in Paris, Sylvie shows an extremely elegant wardrobe but reduced to a rather basic color palette. in fact, she always wears the chic French colors: black, olive green, and blue.
She wears swathing dresses and chooses black like a true Parisian, going all out for important accessories: remember her corset belt and gold jewelry? 
Impossible to forget her black bikini (so glam!) and her relationship with a boy much younger than her. 
As time went on and she became her own entrepreneur (opening a new agency of her own) her style also became colorful, remaining always elegant and seductive.

Philippine/Silvie shows us that true true style and beauty are not related to age!

Marylin Fitoussi, the costume designer, made an incredible job! 

To admire her coolest outifits click below!



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