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Are you planning to get married? Are you a fashion lover? Are you not satisfied with wearing a simple wedding dress, but you want to amaze (also thanks to a not indiferrent wallet?)

Well! You are in the right place.

The Parisian Haute Couture week has just ended and I have selected the coolest inspirations to be a true couture bride.

Whether you are an elegant or unconventional woman, it doesn't matter.

Scroll through the images and choose.

Ahhhh, if you want a trendy wedding in Italy, with Dolce Vita, click here!



Giambattista Valli Couture Spring 2

Giambattista Valli Couture Spring 1



Dior Couture Spring 2021 Credit ELINA KECHICHEVA



00032 Chanel Couture Spring2

Chanel Couture Spring 1

Chanel Couture Spring 21



Fendi Couture Spring



Giorgio Armani Prive Couture Spring 21



 Valentino Couture Spring 21


Wishing You A Fab A Stylish Day Xoxoxo Emanuela 3

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Dear Stephane, I was waiting for your new Haute Couture collection. I saw it live on instagram and, as always, I chose my favorite dress.

Every your dress is wonderful, but I always play this game: I choose one of them and I begin to imagine it on me.

Here my choise: a long sheath dress in stretchy black crepe and gigantic black gazar petals with a "caviar and diamonds" embroidery.

It will be my recurring dream in the coming months.

Stephane you are my genius!



Fw04 C


If you want to admire his whole collection click here: https://www.stephanerolland.com/en/haute-couture/


Wishing You A Fab And Styish Day


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Paris unveils its digital show calendar for Haute Couture.

There will be 33 brands between digital and phygital appointments. Schiaparelli will be the first brand to show at 10am on Monday July 6th, while Valentino will be the last on the afternoon on July 8th at 6pm.
Remember: the Maison Valentino will present its Haute Couture collection also live on July 21th in Cinecittà, with performers and audiences.

Armani Privè will not be there. King Giorgio decided to be in Milan with his collection on January 2021.

For the success of this digital edition, Fhcm has partnered with Launchmetrics, a technological company expert in data processing and digital innovation and with Youtube, Google, Instagram, and Facebook.

For China, the Fédération has entered into a partnership with Hylink, the largest independent digital communication agency.

I'll be in front row.

And you?

Ph Valentino Haute Couture SS19

Wishing You A Fab And Styish Day;

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The coolest must-have for next winter? Simple: Fendi's bowl-cut wigs! In the heights of Palatine Hill, on a backdrop of the Colosseum in Rome, during a fashion show that paid homage to Karl Lagerfeld we saw a Seventies-style and wigs in perfect matching each outfit. The colors were inspired by every shade of Roman Marble. Sam McKnight was so creative for the finale to Haute Couture week Fall/Winter 2019-2020.


Il must-have più per il prossimo inverno? Semplice: le fantastiche parrucche fiammanti viste sulla passerella di Fendi! Sulle alture del Colle Palatino, sullo sfondo del Colosseo a Roma, durante la sfilata di moda che ha reso omaggio a Karl Lagerfeld abbiamo visto uno stile anni settanta e parrucche in perfetta armonia con ogni singolo outfit. I colori si sono ispirati ad ogni sfumatura del marmo romano. L'hair stylist Sam McKnight è stato, a dir poco, creativo per il finale della settimana Haute Couture Autunno / Inverno 2019-2020.

















Wishing You A Fab And Styish Day

Ph: Gorunway.com

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The power and charm of black, the Avenue Montaigne atelier completely "covered" by the creative talent of feminist artist Penny Slinger, Vivaldi's music and then the slow and theatrical performance of the models. Here is the fashion show for Dior by Fall / Winter 2019 by Maria Grazia Chiuri! Black demands perfection and in this case gives life to clothes that become poetry.

Each dress is a building that is not afraid to show its structure, the scaffolding that supports it and defines it. "I could write a book about black ..." writes Christian Dior in The Little Dictionary of Fashion and Maria Grazia Chiuri, today he wrote an important chapter.
Dream in black, dream in Dior!


La potenza e il fascino del nero, l'atelier di Avenue Montaigne completamente "rivestito" dal talento creativo del'artista femminista Penny Slinger, la musica di Vivaldi e poi l'andamento lento e teatrale delle modelle. Ecco la sfilata per l'autunno/inverno 2019 di Dior firmata Maria Grazia Chiuri!
Il nero esige la perfezione e dà vita in questo caso a degli abiti che diventano poesia. Ogni abito è un edificio che non ha paura di mostrare la sua struttura, l’impalcatura che lo regge e lo definisce.
“I could write a book about black…” scrive Christian Dior in The Little Dictionary of Fashion e Maria Grazia Chiuri, quest'oggi ha scritto un capitolo importante.
Sogna in nero, sogna in Dior!
Wishing You A Fab And Styish Day
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Ciao my lovely fashion lovers! The Haute Couture in Paris is continuing to fascinate us and the snow made everything much more glam and fairytale! I write my articles and update you on my instagram account at the speed of light and now I am here with Elie Saab's divine and luxury dresses. Structured clothes, floating fabrics, precious details ... the dream is served!



Ciao miei adorati fashion lovers! La settimana dell'Haute Couture parigina sta continuando ad affascinarci e poi è arrivata la neve a rendere ancora tutto più glam e fabiesco! Scrivo i miei pezzi e vi aggiorno sulla mia pagina instagram alla velocità della luce ed ora eccomi qui con le creazioni semplicemente divine del designer Libanese Elie Saab. Abiti strutturati, tessuti fluttuanti, dettagli preziosi...il sogno è servito!

Buona visione!

Elie Saab 2 The Fashion Lover

Elie Saab 4 The Fashion Lover

Elie Saab 5 The Fashion Lover

Elie Saab 6 The Fashion Lover

Elie Saab 8 The Fashion Lover

Elie Saab 9 The Fashion Lover

Elie Saab 10 The Fashion Lover

Elie Saab 11 The Fashion Lover

Elie Saab 12 The Fashion Lover

Elie Saab The Fashion Lover

Wishing You A Fab And Styish Day

Ph Via Now Fashiow

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Ciao my lovely fashion lovers! I looked forward to the new Haute Couture collection by Maria Grazia Chiuri for Dior. I was sure it would be a surprise and it was like that. I would never have thought to see a circus tent and to admire the circus artists where the models walked like modern Pierrot and stylish animal tamers. I have no doubts:her hats with the net veil on the face will be the next must-have. We will be like Pierrot


Ciao, miei adorabili fashion lovers! Attendevo con ansia la nuova collezione Haute Couture di Maria Grazia Chiuri per Dior. Ero sicura che sarebbe stata una sorpresa ed è stato così. Non avrei mai pensato di vedere un tendone da circo e di ammirare gli artisti circensi tra cui le modelle camminano come delle moderne Pierrot ed eleganti domatrici di animali. Non ho dubbi: cappelli con la veletta saranno il prossimo must-have. Saremo tutte come moderne Pierrot!

Dior Haute Couture 3 Ss19 The Fashion Lover

Dior Haute Couture Ss19 Emanuela Formoso

Dior Haute Couture Ss19 Emanuela Formoso

Dior HAute Couture Ss19 The Fashion Lover

Dior Haute Couture Ss19 The Fashionlover

Dior Haute Couture Ss19 Thefashionlover

Dior Haute Couture Ss19 Thefashionlover2

Dior Ss19 Haute Couture The Fashion Lover

Dior THe Fashionlover Haute Couture Ss19


Wishing You A Fab And Styish Day

PH Now Fashion 


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Ciao my lovely fashion lovers! Haute Couture has arrived! Elegance, beauty, style and tailoring are here again. Let's start with Tony Ward and his white dresses for Ela Wedding stylish brides! Unique details that leave you breathless. Enjoy!


Ciao miei fashion lovers! L'eleganza, la bellezza, lo stile e la sartorialita sono nuovamente qui. Iniziamo con Tony Ward e i suoi abiti bianchi per spose stilose firmate Ela Wedding! Dettagli unici che lasciano senza fiato.

Tony Ward 2 Ss19 The Fashion Lover

Tony Ward 3 SS19 The Fashion Lover

Tony Ward 4 Ss19 The Fashion Lover

Tony Ward SS19 The Fashion Lover

Tony Wars Ss19 The Fashion Lover

Regis Colin Berthelier for NOWFASHION

Wishing You A Fab And Styish Day

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