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Giorgio Armani and Brunello Cucinelli announced the cancellation of the January fashion shows due to the very rapid diffusion of the Omicron variant.

The catwalks in the presence of Emporio Armani and Giorgio Armani at Milan Fashion Week and the Giorgio Armani Privé show at Haute Couture in Paris are therefore canceled.

"The decision was made reluctantly by the designer, after careful reflection, in consideration of the worsening of the epidemiological situation" ⁠, the Fashion House says and adds: "the fashion show remains a fundamental and irreplaceable moment, but the protection of health and safety of collaborators and the public is once again a priority ".⁠

Brunello Cuccinelli, in an official statement, declared that he will not take part in Pitti Uomo in Florence from 11 to 13 January due to the worrying increase in infections in recent weeks.
⁠"We believe it is a decision that is the result of a healthy awareness of the current moment that Italy and the whole world are experiencing", explains the Fashion House in its official statement.

These decisions seem not to be validated by Raffaello Napoleone, managing director of Pitti Immagine, and by the President of the CNMI, Carlo Capasa.

Both Pitti Uomo and the fashion week will take place, as scheduled, in compliance with safety measures.

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Dream dresses and glam details are many, but who was the queen of the Oscars night?
For us, without a doubt the queen was Amanda Seyfried.

Every single element has contributed to making her so: old Hollywood hair by Renato Campora, makeup that enhances the features by Genevieve Herr, but above all her wonderful dress!!

She wore a Giorgio Armani Privé hibiscus red strapless ball gown of plissé tulle customized from the S/S 2021 collection. The dramatic gown has a deep v-neckline accented by tulle ruffles and a sweeping, full skirt.

To complete it all: Forever Mark jewels, Stuart Weitzman shoes

Stylist: Elizabeth Stewart (u are top!)

Look at the pictures and tell me if that's the case or not!!!

9amanda Seyfried In Armani Privè The Fashion Lover

1amanda Seyfried In Armani Privè The Fashion Lover

8amanda Seyfried In Armani Privè The Fashion Lover

7amanda Seyfried In Armani Privè The Fashion Lover

0amanda Seyfried In Armani Privè The Fashion Lover

5amanda Seyfried In Armani Privè The Fashion Lover

10amanda Seyfried In Armani Privè The Fashion Lover

6amanda Seyfried In Armani Privè The Fashion Lover

2amanda Seyfried In Armani Privè The Fashion Lover


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Sketch: Giorgio Armani 

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Ciao! Bonjour!

On a Saturday full of trash news, I breathed real elegance with Giorgio Armani SS21 Men’s and Women’s Collection.
The fashion show, preceded by a short documentary on the life and choices of King Giorgio (with the voice of the award-winning actor Pier Francesco Favino), was a breath of fresh air!

Pure elegance, sartorial tradition, no vulgar or incomprehensible excess.
Every detail was in its place.

How nice to see fluid fabrics that caress and respect the body, without constrictions, without inappropriate nudity.
With Giorgio Armani you live the essence of elegance, style, refinement that you miss so much.

Here are some of my favorite looks.











016 1




011 1






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120289826 228248115387729 2903805345779397918 O

120287003 228248478721026 8408618038204585746 O

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120131155 228248225387718 2068409409037151669 O


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Ciao! Bonjour!

I realized we haven't talked about one of my favorite Venice Film Festival outfits. This is absolutely inexcusable!
Who am I talking about? Simple.

Kasia Smutniak looked perfect in the black Giorgio Armani suit.
Narrow-leg trousers that leave the thin ankle uncovered (that every woman dreams of having), sandals with heels, a tight-fitting jacket with an open back (and what a back!).
To complete her look: a chignon and a mask with metal details that Kasia has never removed.

You know that I love total black and men's suits on female bodies are the maximum expression of true elegance. Saint Laurent has always been right!

Do you like her?

Kasia Smutniak Venezia 2020 1599900316

Kasia Smutnia Vestito Venezia 1599898414

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Here is the letter that Giorgio Armani wrote to WWD magazine, in which he talks about how fashion, due to the coronavirus, must change to give a concrete and powerful sense to a world that ran too quickly and without a precise direction.

"...The current emergency, on the other hand, shows that a careful and intelligent slowdown is the only way out, a road that will finally bring value back to our work and that will make final customers perceive its true importance and value.
The decline of the fashion system as we know it began when the luxury segment adopted the operating methods of fast fashion, mimicking the latter’s endless delivery cycle in the hope of selling more, yet forgetting that luxury takes time, to be achieved and to be appreciated. Luxury cannot and must not be fast. It makes no sense for one of my jackets or suits to live in the shop for three weeks before becoming obsolete, replaced by new goods that are not too different
I don’t work like that, and I find it immoral to do so. I have always believed in an idea of ​​timeless elegance, which is not only a precise aesthetic code, but also an approach to the design and making of garments that suggests a way of buying them: to make them last. For the same reason, I find it absurd that, in the middle of winter, one can only find linen dresses in the shops and alpaca coats in the summer, for the simple reason that the desire to purchase must be satisfied immediately.

Who buys an item to put it in the closet waiting for the right season? None or just a few, I believe. But this, driven by department stores, has become the dominant mind-set, which I think is wrong and needs to change.

This crisis is an opportunity to slow down and realign everything; to define a more meaningful landscape. I have been working with my teams for three weeks so that, after the lockdown, the summer collections will remain in the boutiques at least until the beginning of September, as it is natural. And so we will do from now on.

This crisis is also an opportunity to restore value to authenticity: Enough with fashion as pure communication, enough with cruise shows around the world to present mild ideas and entertain with grandiose shows that today seem a bit inappropriate, and even a tad vulgar — enormous but ultimately meaningless wastes of money. Special events should happen for special occasions, not as a routine.

The moment we are going through is turbulent, but it also offers us the unique opportunity to fix what is wrong, to regain a more human dimension. It’s nice to see that in this sense we are all united.

For retail this will be an important stress test. I want to send my heartfelt encouragement to the American fashion operators for the difficult weeks they will face ahead. United, we will make it. But we have to be united and operate in unison: This is perhaps the most important lesson we can learn from this crisis"


Ecco la lettera che Giorgio Armani ha scritto al magazine WWD, nella quale parla di come la moda, a causa del coronavirus, debba cambiare per dare un senso concreto e potente ad un mondo che correva troppo in fretta e senza una direzione ben precisa.

".... L'attuale emergenza, d'altra parte, mostra che un attento e intelligente rallentamento è l'unica via d'uscita, una strada che alla fine riporterà valore al nostro lavoro e che farà percepire ai clienti finali la sua vera importanza e valore. Il declino del sistema moda come sappiamo è iniziato quando il segmento del lusso ha adottato i metodi operativi della moda veloce, imitando il ciclo di consegna senza fine di quest'ultimo nella speranza di vendere di più, ma dimenticando che il lusso richiede tempo, per essere raggiunto e apprezzato . Il lusso non può e non deve essere veloce. Non ha senso che una delle mie giacche o tute viva nel negozio per tre settimane prima di diventare obsoleta, sostituita da nuovi prodotti non troppo diversi
Non lavoro così e trovo immorale farlo. Ho sempre creduto in un'idea di eleganza senza tempo, che non è solo un preciso codice estetico, ma anche un approccio al design e alla realizzazione di capi che suggerisce un modo di acquistarli: farli durare. Per lo stesso motivo, trovo assurdo che, nel bel mezzo dell'inverno, si possano trovare abiti di lino nei negozi e cappotti di alpaca in estate, per il semplice motivo che il desiderio di acquistare deve essere soddisfatto immediatamente.

Chi acquista un oggetto per metterlo nell'armadio in attesa della stagione giusta? Nessuno o solo pochi, credo. Ma questo, guidato dai grandi magazzini, è diventato la mentalità dominante, che penso sia sbagliata e che debba cambiare.

Questa crisi è un'opportunità per rallentare e riallineare tutto; per definire un paesaggio più significativo. Lavoro con i miei team da tre settimane in modo che, dopo il blocco, le collezioni estive rimarranno nelle boutique almeno fino all'inizio di settembre, come è naturale. E così faremo d'ora in poi.

Questa crisi è anche un'opportunità per restituire valore all'autenticità: abbastanza con la moda come pura comunicazione, abbastanza con le crociere in giro per il mondo per presentare idee miti e intrattenere con spettacoli grandiosi che oggi sembrano un po 'inappropriati, e anche un po' volgari - enormi ma infine sprechi di denaro insignificanti. Eventi speciali dovrebbero accadere per occasioni speciali, non come una routine.

Il momento che stiamo attraversando è turbolento, ma ci offre anche l'opportunità unica di riparare ciò che è sbagliato, di riguadagnare una dimensione più umana. È bello vedere che in questo senso siamo tutti uniti.

Per la vendita al dettaglio questo sarà un importante stress test. Voglio inviare il mio sincero incoraggiamento agli operatori di moda americani per le settimane difficili che dovranno affrontare. Uniti, ce la faremo. Ma dobbiamo essere uniti e operare all'unisono: questa è forse la lezione più importante che possiamo imparare da questa crisi"

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Mr Armani has been awarded for his outstanding contribution to the global fashion industry, his creativity and vision of timeless style and care for detail, that have provided such inspiration to so many in the industry. With this motivation our italian king king dominated the London fashion award 2019.

On stage he received the award from two of his style icons: Julia Roberts and Cate Blanchett. 


Armani è stato premiato per il suo eccezionale contributo all'industria della moda globale, la sua creatività e visione di stile senza tempo e cura per i dettagli, che hanno fornito tale ispirazione a così tanti nel settore. Con questa motivazione il nostro re italiano ha dominato il London Fashion Award 2019.

Sul palco ha ricevuto il premio da due delle sue icone di stile: Julia Roberts e Cate Blanchett. 


Julia Roberts Giorgio Armani and Cate Blanchett 

Armani Roberts Blanchett

Cate Blanchett, Giorgio Armani, Julia Roberts. Tom Cruise, Roberta Armani

Armani Fashion Awards 2019

Roberta and Giorgio Armani 

Armani Family

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Spero mi abbiate seguito e letto su La Ringhiera e spero che continuerete a farlo!

Intanto come posso non scrivere di Sanremo e di stile qui sul mio fashion blog?

Non ci sono dubbi, le serate più belle e stilose sono state quelle vestite da Giorgio Armani! La prima e ultima serata hanno rappresentato il top dell'eleganza e della bellezza.

Michelle Hunzinker è apparsa semplicemente divina negli abiti della collezione Armani Privè. Il primo abito nero con la scollatura abissale e le lunghe maniche rimarrà il mio preferito per lungo, lunghissimo tempo!

Re Giorgio è ancora saldo sul suo trono! 



I hope you followed me and read on La Ringhiera magazine and I hope you will continue to do it!

Meanwhile, I have to write about Sanremo and style here on my fashion blog - There is no doubt, the most beautiful and stylish evenings were with Giorgio Armani!

The first and last evening represented the top best of elegance and beauty. Michelle Hunzinker appeared simply divine in Armani Privè dresses. The first black dress with an abyssal neckline and long sleeves will remain my favorite outfit for long, long time!

King Giorgio is still firm on his throne!

Michelle Hunzinker In Armani Privè Sanremo 2018 3

Michelle In ArmaniPrivè

Michelle Hunzinker In Armani Privè Sanremo 2018 2

Michelle Hunzinker In Armani Privè Sanremo 2018

Michelle Hunzinker In Armani Privè Sanremo 2018 4

Michelle Hunzinker In Armani Privè Sanremo 2018 Last Night

Emanuela Xoxo

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Color sabbia, sneacker per il giorno e scarpe flat per la sera...ecco l'eleganza di Giorgio Armani!

White and sand-colored, sneacker for the day and flat shoes for the evening ... here's Giorgio Armani's elegance!

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Re Giorgio, come sempre, non ci ha deluse! Perchè se c'è una cosa che Giorgio Armani sa fare, è regalarci abiti e accessori meravigliosi. In questa collezione il rosso, il nero e il bianco dominano in modo assoluto e noi vestiremo di questi colori nel prossimo inverno. Possiamo fare diversamente?

As always, King Geroge  did not disappoint us! Because if there’s one thing that Giorgio Armani does very well, it's fairytale dresses and details.
In this collection, the dominant colors are red, black and white, and we will wear them next winter. We can do differently?

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